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Calculated Risk (A Bree and Tanner Thriller 1) by Janie Crouch [early review]

Hello to all !!

     With the city fair long ( too long) hour i , at least, get more time to read so i'm happy to share with you an early review about the first book in the new Janie Crouch series, a author you know i love the writing. It's a bit special because it will be her first series with the same couple and i really can't wait to see how that will develop.

Happy reading and don't forget to pre order if you are tempted.

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Publication: 2019
ISBN:  1335604464
Genre: romantic suspense,thriller
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: earc

Description from goodreads :

 She thought she was finally safe,

But her past won’t let her go.

Sheriff’s deputy Tanner Dempsey is just doing his job when he stops a shoplifter trying to steal diapers and formula. But something about this frightened young woman makes him want to do more. Bree Daniels is grateful for Tanner’s help, but there’s so much she can never tell him… The truth is dangerous to everyone she lets into her life—and could be lethal to Tanner.

My opinion:
          While the beginning was a bit slow in my opinion; oh not really lacking action as we are immediately  in the heat of the action but we get too much missing info to immediately connect to the character, i really loved this book. The intrigue is interesting  and believable , the characters are touching  with  their troubled quite secret past  so we are easily won over.  Bree is a courageous heroine, she spent most of her life on the run and thus she has trusting issues but deep down she will take risks for what she believes is right.

Tanner is a protective alpha....he is immediately drawn to Bree even more seeing how vulnerable she is and how lost she seems to be with the little babies in her arms. His instinct though is telling him that trouble are around and thus he must make choice.

I can't say a lot more to avoid spoiler but i sure like the people of the city and i couldn't resist smiling at Corfu's mentions hoping to hear more about the dog....even better we get a little mention of Omega team, the other series from Janie Crouch i really love and we see a bit of the team...very little since we focus on Bree and Tanner but it was very good to have the light link.

It's the first series of  Janie that will focus only on one couple and i really can't wait to see more of Bree and Tanner and see how they "grow" together . It's really promising and i loved that there was not a cliffhanger, the intrigue of this book feel complete.
The only things i could put on the less good elements list is that i guessed one of the villains too easily ( but then i'm really good at this exercise and we only get confirmation later). And the fact that like i say the beginning is a bit slow/confusing with Bree but it's only the first chapters because after the pieces click together and we get a larger image of the situation and we are immersed into the story

All together it's a very good romance suspense, easily read , and a promising start of a series.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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