dimanche 24 février 2019

A Charming Blend ( a Magical Cures Mystery and A Killer Coffee Mystery crossover Mystery) by Tonya Kappes

Hello to all!!!

                       I hope you had a great relaxing Sunday which allowed you some good reading time. Mine was quite busy in fact but this novella was simply the perfect reads i needed excellent and not long  ( really could have been longer but then no time for the rest of daily tasks).
It's a cross over as it's said in the title but while i've started bothj series i'm way behind in at least one of them and still could enjoy this novella without troubles so  don't hesitate and try it!

Happy reading!

Publisher: Tonya Kappes
Publication: 2019
Genre: cozy mystery, paranormal, christmas novella, crossover
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :
 You won’t want to miss this crossover tale of two of your favorite cozy mystery sleuths, June Heal from the Magical Cures Mystery Series and Roxanne Bloom from the Killer Coffee Series.

When Roxy Bloom and Patrick Cane got a gift card at the Full Moon Treesort in Whispering Falls, Kentucky, they figured it’d be a fantastic honeymoon.

When June Heal heard from the Whispering Falls Newspaper report from editor Faith Mortimer that there was a nosy coffee barista coming to town and she needed an eye kept on her, June was quick to put Mr. Prince Charming on the tourist, Roxanne Bloom.

When a dead body is discovered during the annual Whispering Fall tree lightening, Roxy Bloom just can’t seem to keep her nose out of it, even though she feels like something strange is going on in the cozy town.

June Heal is using powers, she never thought she’d use, to keep tourist Roxy Bloom away from the crime scene.

Will the two feisty sleuths come together to solve this murder before Roxy’s honeymoon is over or before June Heal uses all of her powers to keep Roxy away from their secrets of Whispering Falls?

My opinion:
          This is a novella so of course it feels too short but still it's a wonderful cross over between two great series. Even if i'm not up to date in both series i didn't feel like i was missing any important info so this a wonderful advantage for those who would be new to one or both series.

Magic and christmas is a good mix when you add a little investigation in it.

I recommend this novella to both readers of the series Killer coffee series and/or Magical Cures Mystery series but also to those simply wanting a good novella set at Christmas time with a good dosis of humour and romance.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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