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Shadows Before the Sun ( Charlie Madigan 4) by Kelly Gay

Hello to all,

       A new week start and September is slowly reaching its end...which start to make me stress at the idea of not being ready on time for Christmas. However i need to stay calm and go one step after the other so let's finish september before thinking october and even worse December.

The read-a-thon hosted by Tressa is now finished and i was able to read a little more as to surpass my goal and before i give you a complete wrap up that i'm sharing with you my opinion on one of the book i've read during this event: Shadows Before the Sun by Kelly Gay.

 This book was in my TBR pile for a long time but i couldn't decide to start it after learning it was the last of the series because the publishers didn't want to continue it....such a disappointment as i really loved the series but i was afraid  to read it. Lately, i saw that there was a cover for a book 5 so  knowing the author wasn't giving up  i couldn't delay any longer and this read-a-thon was the perfect solution to give me the little additional push i needed.

Happy Reading!!
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication: 2012
ISBN: 1451625480
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 The electrifying sequel to the acclaimed urban fantasies The Better Part of Darkness, The Darkest Edge of Dawn, and The Hour of Dust and Ashes!

After filling out mountains of paperwork, Detective Charlie Madigan sets out for a death-defying trip into heavenly Elysia to rescue her partner Hank and bring the siren home. Of course, she doesn’t expect to leave behind an all out siren revolution or return home to find that jinn crime boss, Grigori Tennin, has begun a massive search for the divine being, Ahkneri. Tennin’s tactics set off a chain reaction that puts Charlie in the crosshairs of the shadowy creature known as Death and awakens Ahkneri from her long sleep. And when Vengeance rises, Atlanta will never be the same

My opinion:
          Very good! I has been ages since i’ve read the precedent book but i was only confused for a few pages before getting completely immersed again in the universe. But i do recommend you to read this in order as it’s not a stand alone.
In this story we visit places of Elysia and i really enjoyed that part iit was interesting to see and even more knowing what we knew about the dark secrets hidden there... and the elysian ( adonai especially are so full of themselves!)

The plot is very well structured and the pace is just perfect... it could never be too slow wxith Charlie after all she can’t stay in one place or keep silent for too long ;) but it wasn’t too fast either. Sandra is a good friend for Charlie and her knowledge really vast while at the same time she is staying so mysterious and alone... foreseen part of the futur isn’t a power i would like to have.

Charlie stayed true to herself and i loved to see how deep her loyalty run. Emma is also as funny as she is intelligent and Charlie can be glad to have her. The plot is grpping all your attention as each element can have a role in this story or in the future which is something that is usual with this series but is also a reason why we love it so much.

Now  i must tell you that this book  doesn’t answer all the questions we had in the previous installments, we get a few hints, part of answers and... more questions and mysteries.  This book wasn’t written to be the last of the series that’s for sure to much is left unsaid like... who is Leander! What he wants etc.. we do get a kind of  conclusion yes even if the ending is a kind of cliffhanger it can also be saw as  the fact they continue their job so  i was both unsatified and glad it wasn’t an ending putting you on edge either.

 I do hope though that the book 5 which has a cover now will really come into existence and answer all our interrogation once and for all however with this one i can wait without being on edge so  i’m happy.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. I can not wait for book 5! I did not know there would be more since I read this on ages ago

    1. i just saw it on goodread when i checked teh links for my post but sadly no specific date of release yet

  2. j'adore cette série et je suis impatiente de voir le prochain tome sortir depuis le temps qu'on l'attend mais bon il faut attendre...

    1. oui la patience parfois mais cela fait si longtemps!! je veux plus attendre je veux la suite!( ou au moins une date certaine pour la suite ^^)