dimanche 20 septembre 2015

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon Update week 1

Hello to all!

As i told you before i have joined Tressa Read-a-Thon which started last Monday and will continue this week ( you can still join)... i have for goal to read 4 books.

 So this sunday isn't finished and i do hope to be able to read a little so this update is for Monday to Saturday of the past week... i'm a little ashamed because i've read even less than usual between the pain growing and several medical appointment and life events my free time was near to nothing.

What did i do so far? I've finished one book! Which i will present you tomorrow as i do want to give you the opportunity to preorder it as it's worth it. Dark Secrets anthology with Suzanne Johnson and others.
pre order on amazon here

So roughly 444 pages... really  i should have done better but i'm not giving up and i do hope this second week will be better and that i will complete all my goals.

 So far i participated in one challenge like i planned and i commented on severals other participants posts but i didn't count how many. Only the books reading goals ( the main one ^^;;) still need to be worked on.

 Are you participating? How are you doing at the middle of the read- a thon?

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