samedi 31 janvier 2015

Treasures and Finds+ January recap

Hello to all!!

                     So how did January go for you? Calm  or filled with excitement, rest or recovery?
 On my side i had the counter effect of my december run to finish everything so i'm fighting virus now but they have the upper hand at this time ... which means that if you have been waiting for an email from me  it will arrive but i'm lightly behind already^^;;  February will be better ;)

 But let start with what interest you the January recap and Treasures and Finds, which i will try to do monthly this year without forgetting^^;;

So  i did manage to read and post some reviews this month....and i made some discoveries.
First two new to me authors :
then some mostly new and some i'm already fond of:

All thing considered that was a good reading month and i managed to  get a good start in the challenge i've entered.

goodreads : 4/50
The official 2015 TBR pile Challenge : 2/12
2015 TBR reading Pile Challenge: 4/10
New to you Reading Challenge 2015: 3/6

It's so good i will perhaps move up the level during the year but first i'll try to reach those goals.


Thanks Suzanne! ( the review won't be up before April when it releases so don't forget to pre order it when you can!)


From Natalie at Book Lover's Life  ( Thank you so, so much!!)

From Jen Minkman on Carpe Diem ( big Thanks to Jen and Amber)

Thanks Carien!

none, i did try but the bookstore had none from my list ç_ç

So on bookish side it has been a good month, and for those new to my blog i do post only that i actually received ( i won one more but since it's not here yet it will be ( i hope) in the next recap).

On the crafting side, since i plan to craft more i will probably add a few note in my recap when i have something to say....this month was quite calm safe at the beginning but i did finish those i wanted to send in January, i'm working on a scarf for someone and ...even better.. the final christmas package was received!!!
Honestly i was starting to fear it was lost but it arrived with a delay of more than one month ( not good note to the postal service)

And it's a good news because it means that i will post sometime in february some pictures like i was asked for but even more important ( for you) means that i will be able to start working on those for 2015!! Some projets take weeks to be finished so i decided to start early so it could hopefully be received on time in 2015 so if you receive a message to ask for your favourite colors or topic etc don't be surprised;) ( i don't think i will be able to send more than 20 like this year but we never know)

 So how was January for you?

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  1. Hi Miki, I sent you a e-mail as I had much to say about Gini Koch and her Alien series. January = not as much snow as last year. Snowing now. Will wear my new hat as I shovel out in the morning. Thanks, Roger.

    1. i hope the hat will be warm enough^^. thank you for sharing so much about gini in your email!

  2. I hope you will enjoy Mark of the Tala!

    1. thank you so much once again dear! i know you are quite the fan of her writing^^

  3. Aww, you're sick again!? You poor dear! You need to eat more veggies girl, and boost that immune system of yours. I'm super jelly of your copy of Pirates Alley!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads