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Blood Trade ( Jane Yellowrock 6) by Faith Hunter


                I'm so happy to be back  really i missed you!  Sorry to have disappeared last week, i had this review ready for you but my computer suddenly crashed so  i was put on hold until i got it back yesterday evening....worse...that cut my reading frenzy as well because since i was not sure if what i wrote was safe i did not dare to read something new in case i had to re read the book to write the review again ( i need to finish what i start before starting a new one^^;;)

So let get back on track and i will continue with my idea to alternate between new and following up series, today we continue with Jane Yellowrock and the sixth instalment.

Happy reading!
Publisher: ROC
Publication: 2013
ISBN:  0451465067
Genre: urban fantasy, shapeshifter
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker who’s always up for a fight—even if it means putting her life on the line...

The Master of Natchez, Mississippi has a nasty problem on his hands. Rogue vampires—those who follow the Naturaleza and believe that humans should be nothing more than prey to be hunted—are terrorizing his city. Luckily, he knows the perfect skinwalker to call in to take back the streets.

But what he doesn’t tell Jane is that there’s something different about these vamps. Something that makes them harder to kill—even for a pro like Jane. Now, her simple job has turned into a fight to stay alive…and to protect the desperately ill child left in her care.

My opinion:
          I’m a little uncertain about this book…. Oh I did love it , it’s well written and fit the other instalment really well… even if I did want to go back rereading some of the precedents books as I seemed not to be able to recall what the character remembered. However that’s not what has me hesitant… you see…. I guess I fear what will happen next ^^;;

And it’s partially strange as this books come to a conclusion and there is no major deaths ( oki in jane yellowrock universe it means a lot of dead or/and true dead but not one of the main characters^^;;) ;)I mean it could even classify as an happy ending …or at least a teary moving one and I really liked but some elements make me fear
the worse like Bobby ‘s dreams ( those being prophetic),Soul unknown powers, Beast’s revelation and lastly Leo…

We don’t see a lot of the Master Vampire this time but we hear from him and… I don’t trust him at all…^^;; it’s strange all the reservations I have this character but really he ticks me off, he is so arrogant and so often plotting in Jane’s Back that I just want to strangle him…. The forced binding is adding to that feeling of course but I do understand how Jane must feel… the author really managed to makes us feel the same as her on that case think;)

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not liking Rick Lafleur either…. Bruiser… has me feeling betrayed too….and while I Love Eli^^ he is family to Jane not a mate prospect…. So really her love life is problematic. ;)

 I did smile while reading this book because Eli and Jane work wonderfully together and Eli and Sylvia^^ those are really a match for each other…. I do wonder where Eli get all his weapon and could imagine him comparing them with Sylvia^^;;
The banter between those is simply too much to resist!

Eli’s brother found a geek friend as well and I do hope he will get to stay as it’s a great team to have backing you up. Those two are gods with a computer.

The main investigation was also quite interesting and the author managed to surprise us. All while the author gave us a better insight into Jane as she is coping with the lost of her friends and the guilt (which she is always carrying by the way) it was interesting to learn more about her childhood and more precisely her relations with other children. Beast was also moving in her way to protect the kits^^;; and wanting to keep them for her.

All together it was a really captivating reads and only the dread I got building it at the end prevent me to give an higher note ( I don’t like being left with angst  after reading).
So if you love this series this is really a book not to miss but better have the next one ready to jump into ( and please don’t start with this one or you would be completely lost)

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Hi Miki,

    Faith Hunter and her Jane Yellowrock series are high on my favorite list. The skinwalker in this series is very unique. I have all of the Jane Yellowrock books. I have't tried Faith's Rogue Mage or Thorn St. Croix fantasy series, have you? Thanks for your review, I always like reading them.

    1. i only heard about her rogue mage series not the other ones but sadly no i haven't read them yet nor do i own them, perhaps in the future and in that case i will be sure to let you know what i thought of them

      thank you a lot for reading me i really appreciate and i'm happy you enjoy those reviews

  2. I really need to pick this series back up. I read the first a long time ago probably back when it come out and just lost track of the series. I have a lot of them just need to find time to read them. :)

    1. i think i have a gaps in the series and it's probably why i made a break ( need to check) but i really like it and the quality stays teh same

  3. Yay for being back and the computer being up and going again. I've heard a lot about her. Sounds like one I might need to check out :) Thanks Miki!

    1. the computer is back but i spoke to quickly for me^^;;
      yes you could definitively try this oen i think you will love it