samedi 14 février 2015

Happy Saint Valentine Day+ recap of Christmas and birthday handmade gifts

Hello to all,

                           I wish you all a very happy St Valentine day! and i hope you are surrounded by love ( not only the romantic one).

I was asked for some pictures of what i sent for christmas and after... i don't have a picture for all as it depends on the receiver approval or not so  i will perhaps add more later when i receive them or add them under the handmade tabs later...... anyway since today is the day of love and since i made those with all mine i thought it was the perfect day to share ^^;; ( before the flu wins over)

So i have sent what i could and i don't want as a rule to limit the people because of their country so i sent everywhere but sometimes smaller gifts. ( need to respect the customs rules too) Also let's be honest ^^ side from the shipping fee it's also depend on the information i got ^^ the more i know the receiver's tastes  the more i can try to respect them or have more ideas of creations.... i send nearly 20 packages ( i lost count) with handmade bookmarks, handmade scarf or bracelet (  for those who loved the one i made for Suzanne johnson contest)...also some other little one ( keychain etc) but the list would be too long.

And now that the last one has been received as soon as i'm healed for goods i will start working on the next ones so if you ever receive an email from me asking for your tastes ^^ be as complete as you can  so your surprise  gift can please you ( i hope so).

Each piece being handmade they are never exactly identique even if the pattern is the same ( some love the same things after all^^)

And if you wonder  it was not sent only to long time friends but if i feel like you could need some cheering up of if you have been kind to me ( or someone i know) i tend to want to return the favor and yes sometimes after that the person become a friends but it's not a pre requise. It depends of the time i have of course but i do my best thus is why i already started a list.
 i do think i prefer to do this because no reprocity is awaited it's simply sharing the love and the christmas magic, of course i'm delighted when i receive something as well but it's not mandatory...which is the opposite of a christmas card exchange....because there i was disappointed with only two answer only on the bunch i send so i will probably focus my money for the surprise /magical gift than on a card excahnge in 2015

example of bookmarks:

 to Sullivan mcPig from Pearls cast in front of a McPig

to Nat from reading romances in Brazil:

To Laura ( scarves and bookmark) from Colorimetry

to Amber:
i must admit that the for the hat my mother helped a lot since i'm a beginner at knitting

no picture of the others so far but if i receive some i will share :)

Did you receive a gift that you found more special or magical than the others in 2014? If you could receive one for Christmas 2015 what you would prefer?

8 commentaires:

  1. Happy Valentines sweetie!!!! I LOVE my gifts from you! Even if the hat is way to big! :) I still wear it! I just sent you the pics. Sorry it took me a bit.

    1. really that big? (oki i still need to improve)i wanted you to be able to pull your hair inside if you wanted ( i guess i have more than you;)

      i'm really glad you loved those and don't worry time isn't a matter
      ( now think for this year^^)

  2. Those are great gifts. I like the bookmarks :)

    1. thank you it was my first attempt at this kind of bookmark but i loved making them

  3. I think I spot some feathers right behind your shoulders ... yes, indeed - you must be an angel! After all, you so generously and lovingly surprise us with gifts that all come from the heart, so it's no wonder I mistake you for a celestial being. ;-)

    1. i'm honored you think so but i'm far from an angle
      though.....wings could be handy when it comes to delivery;)

  4. And, here I was thinking that I was special. J/K! You are very generous, and talented. I wore my scarf to the store just yesterday. I'm saving my dark chocolate bar for when I need a pick-me-up though. I shared a pic of your gift on Instagram. Feel free to snag it if you want. :)

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    1. you are special after all i did spend hours on it when it could have been easier to gp buy a bunch but i think each one of you deserve something done while i thought of him or her one gift for one person simple as that

      i hope it was warm enough, thank you for the picture and yes chocolate can be saved for confort time^^ that's their magic