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The Penton Legacy Series by Susannah Sandlin

Hello to all,

 I was really surprised and happy to see how my last friday post got so many reactions. Until now, i had only done reviews but it seems that the discussion was something people liked so today i will try something different once again for our Vampires' Friday.

At first i wanted to read a new author to introduce you to a new kind of Vampires but life got in the way and after being really unwell - i'm better thank you but not healed yet- lots of things happened and the free time i wanted to spend on reading and the blog was taken from me. No free time at all, so nearly no reading either, i'm not giving up so it will be for another vampire's Friday post but this week i want to  put under the spotlight a series that i love and whose book 3 will be released shortly : The Penton Legacy series by Susannah Sandlin.

The main plot will be developed in 3 books but there is still a possibility to see more of this world depending on the success of this series.

The story:   A global pandemic has cost the life of thousands of people before a vaccine was found. Unknown to the humans, this vaccine had an unexpected consequence: the human blood has become deadly for the vampires.
The vampires are now starving and a civil war is starting because the unvaccinated human donors are only a few left and some vampires are fighting over them. The governing system is a tribunal with the goal to keep the vampires existence unknown from the human and to enforce their own laws, like the one prohibiting the creation of new vampire. On paper that seems a good system but the fact is that corruption exists and that people in power don't what to loose it.

Aidan Murphy is a pacifist, he believes in a world where humans and vampires can coexist peacefully. He created in Alabama a community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors in the city named Penton. He wants to show that this could be a lasting solution for the Vampires. Careful he is the one selecting who can enter the community and he has set some rules that everyone must follow, he his seconded by lieutenants who earned his trust. However, his followers growing, some become jealous and would like to take those humans - which is not possible because each human is bonded in Penton and thus "out of the market". Others think that Penton is only a kind of military group growing to take the powers. For both of these camps the solution is to destroy Penton and Aidan.

There are secondary plots really interesting too and twists in the series are sometimes really unexpected and the reader is immersed in the story full of action, romance and lots of intrigues. I really recommend it.

The first book is Redemption and his centred on Aidan and Krys. you can find my review here
If you want this book you can buy it on  amazon or on  Bookdepository

Second book is Absolution with the story of Mirren and Glory , my Review
If you want this book you can buy it on  amazon or on  Bookdepository

and finally book 3: Omega will tell us the story of Will and Randa and it will be released on the 5th February 2013.

However, a blog tour will start on January 28th and last a whole month with lots of interviews, guest posts and giveaways (Susannah is a very generous person so i can already tell you that international readers won't be excluded!!) To have more info about the tour or the series check Susannah's Blog

I will have a review of Omega and if things go as planned i will also host a guest post in the future. So keep your eyes open.

Don't hesitate to pre order Omega already!  You can buy it on  amazon or on  Bookdepository

amazon still has a reduced price on all books of the series so it's time if you want to enjoy a good series without spending too much ( even if Penton Legacy series is really worth it!!)

Do you know this series? Do you like it? Want to discover it after reading this? Tempted to read my reviews of book 1 and/or2?  Are you going to join the blog tour?

To join in, copy and paste these rules and the above banner into your Fanged Mania post and add your link to this week’s Fanged Mania post at Elisabeth Wheatley’s Blog. Fanged Mania is a Friday meme counting down to the release of Fanged Princess and displaying all things vampire and awesome. Fanged Mania posts can be a review of a vampire book, a quote from the latest Vampire Diaries episode, a showcase of a cool vampire book’s cover, or whatever you like so long as it is vampire related. Don’t forget, participants will be entered in the drawing to win a fanged-abulous prize pack!

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  1. Hi Miki,

    Yes I know this series. Yes I like it. I have read your reviews of the first two books and enjoyed them very much. Yes I will be joining in on the next blog tour. Y ou couldn't keep me away. I started reading the Penton series after discovering Suzanne with the Sentinels of New Orleans series. Struggled at first because I didn't think I'd be interested in Paranormal Romance. Suzanne convinced me to try Redemption and I'm really glad I did. As you know I also recommend this series whenever I can. Have Omega pre-ordered. Heal soon. Thanks. [Team DJ]

    1. Hi roger,
      i know you wouldn't want to miss this ( but a little publicity can only do good if we want more sentinels of New orleans book too)

  2. Hey Miki,

    I haven't read this series yet but after reading your reviews, I'm ready to dive in as soon as I get a chance. :D

    Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

    1. If you join the blog tour you will have a lot of opportunity to win it?. in Fact i even know another way ^^ wait for my email!

  3. I LOVE this series. I know this is only supposed to be a trilogy but I hope she continues with it!

    1. Even if she doesn't continue it i'm sure she will give us something of high quality^^ ( and if she continue i'm wondering how too)

  4. Someone on Goodreads recommended Redemption to me, and I'm so glad they did! Sandlin is a remarkable storyteller; her characters are very real and compelling. I know that so far only three books are planned, but I would love to see the series continue!

  5. je suis curieuse de lire Omega, j'ai beaucoup aimé les autres.