vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Biannual Blogathon Bash winter 2013 edition sign up & goals

Hello to all!

                 At the moment, i'm a bit depressed, bad news and harsh winter can have this result. However i don't want to give up so easily and fate has seen that i could be motivated: this Week end is the winter edition of the biannual Blogathon bash created by Kathleen. I've learned a lot last year and i though it could be the  thing i need so  between  25 january ( 8am EST) - that means 2pm for me ( thant you for the countdown^^;;)- and 28 january 8 am EST i will try to work a minimum of 24h for the blog , not necessarily online job but still work.

You can still join to all info and sign up are Here. Don't hesitate it can be instructive AND fun.

Wrap up update: in total i spend around 31h working ( minus a few minutes) and as you can see i nearly completed all my goals but i also added a few tasks during the weekend like the creation of a page for the pictures of RAk i did. So i think i can say it has been a success

Like the first time i was really instructive and i've learned a lot in a fun way. It was a pleasure but if i want it to stay that way i need to better organise my time , i was afraid of not finishing everyting so i worked really late and in the end i'm more tired than before starting and for next time i need to take care of that.

 i haven't entered to win any prize either ( some where really good but i wasn't sure i would manage even if i won so i prefered to let the opportunity to those who really need them. )

My goals:

  • Read one book and make the review
  • Read a little more (no obligation to finish or do the review yet)
  • Clean my desk
  • Clean favorite listing
  • Put some order in my books ( see which one qualify for the challenge and classify them so i know when to read them)
  • Start an inventory of my shelves
  • Clean the giveaway pages
  • Create a page for the handmade gift/creation to help the selection
  • Answer the comments
  • Participate in one mini challenge ( i only put one because i need to see what they will be ^^;; i can't do everything so need to find one that i could manage and that is of interest for me) 2 done: back up and back up button ( thank you so much for this tips!) and the blogger notebook ( always useful for me)
  • Enter a giveaway( want to but keep postponing it so this wk i need to enter before it closes)

Do you want to join? Leave your link and we could support each other.

9 commentaires:

  1. Good luck on your to do list! I am participating as well...and I have a huge list of my own to work on!

  2. Good luck on your goals! Take it one step at a time!

  3. Good luck on your goals. I see your in a lot of book challenges I wish I could do them as I love to read but I never follow through. I am in the challenge as well. So I am excited to find you and see which books you read so I will start to follow your blog. In the meantime here is the link to my post.

    1. i choose chalenge that accepted that a book was used in another one that way i could enter several ^^;; i'm not reading as much as i would like so far january has been difficult but i'm planning to do better^^

      thank you for following me, i hope you will find books to your tastes too^^

  4. Glad to see you joined us again, nice to have you! Looks like you are getting lots accomplished.

    1. i'm doing my best, i have learned so much last time that i couldn't not to join again ^^;;

      thank you a lot for hosting this

  5. It looks like you are making great progress on your goals. Yeah for you! Best of luck with everything. :)