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Storm of visions (The Chosen Ones1) by Christina Dodd

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   As you can see i'm working on the blog a little but i didn't want to let go without a review until next week so today i introduce you to a  new author for me Christina Dodd and a series that i'm just starting when all the 6 books have already been released. So to discover the beginning here is my opinion on Storm of Visions book1 of the Chosen Ones series

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Publisher: Signet
Publication: 2009
ISBN:  0451227638
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 First in a new back-to-back series from the New York Times bestselling author.

Hailed as "a star in any genre," (New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward) Christina Dodd delivers an exciting new paranormal romance that introduces The Seven, a secret society created to combat evil in all its deadly forms.

When the world was young, twins were born. One brought light to a dark world; the other, darkness and danger. Their powers could not be denied, and they gathered others around them, men and women destined to use their gifts for good or evil. Today, their descendents walk the earth as the Chosen… and the ultimate battle is about to begin.

Jacqueline Vargha has always run from her gift. Now Caleb D'Angelo forces his way into her life, demands his place as her lover, and insists she take her place as one of the Chosen. She flees, he pursues, but she can no longer deny her visions, or the dangerous man who is her downfall — and her destiny.

My opinion:
          First I need to say that the beginning did not sit well with me, a steamy scene just in the first chapters, worse looks like forced…but I’m really glad I continued! In fact that wasn’t forced at all and the characters knew each other already and yes that changes everything.
This story is quite original, it’s paranormal yes but how to classify the chosen ones or the others… they aren’t angels or demons, few of them could be shifters but seem the majority just have special powers (mind manipulation, telepathy, healing, visions, etc) and the romance is there too with an action fast paced and already a lot of intrigues

 Once I got immersed in it- just after discovering that Jacqueline and Caleb were former lovers- I couldn’t put the book down, so many things happen so quickly I was completely in the story. The characters are just introduced to each other when all their older, more experienced fighters are all killed in an explosion so they are seven of them unprepared, some still reluctant and they must save the world by keeping the evil at bay… but first they must survive because if there a few of them it’s not the case of their enemies. I liked to discover what they are and the reason for their existence along with them. All of them need to create links and trust each other with different personalities, different background and the circumstances in which they are that’s not something easy and they are some sparks.

Jacqueline has known this world since birth when she was saved and adopted by one of the chosen ones… the most important one in fact their seer. She has the same mark as the first other and she has met great expectations, all her life people waited for her to become the seer and she rebelled against that. She has a bad relation with her adopted mother because she was jealous and didn’t accept the fact that Caleb, her lover, just disappeared from her life. Now she doesn’t have the choice or more exactly she did chose already and if she wants to be able to guide and help her group of chosen ones she must accept and embrace her power. However, she is more powerful than the precedents seers and the manifestations of her power are also different.
Caleb has always loved Jacqueline and wanted to protect her since he is a child but loyal to her mother, he accepted to take a step back and let her go without knowing how much he hurt her. Still deeply in love, he is happy when her mother send him to fetch Jacqueline for her ceremony….he didn’t expect to become her sole anchor so quickly. Determined he will do all he can to protect the woman he love.

I loved to see the chosen ones be afraid, hesitant because it’s realist and the way Jacqueline rebels because she has not the right idea of what her mother is doing is so normal that I understood her well. The author really managed to put all their personalities together and still kept them so different from each other. It’s really well done. Isabelle is responsible and mature but also suffer from not being able to make what she really wish to do, Aaron is feeling obligated to join but  blend so well, Charisma is funny and really intelligent more realistic and mature than her age. Samuel is in love with Isabelle but keeps acting like a jerk, Aleksandr doesn’t know his power yet but he wants to be part of the adventure. Irving, the old director miraculously saved has seen the work of his life just destroyed and only and handful of his protégés are left to face a bigger danger that the one of the past without forgetting Martha, Mackenna and Tyler really all the characters are well built and I want more !

I loved this series and I will gladly read the others books ( it’s a finished series of 6books in total) if you love romance, paranormal and a lot of action this is for you!

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. Oh I'm going to have to read this one now! I've seen Dodd around quite a bit but never read one of hers but I do love when authors try something new and unique like this :) I'll have to check tomorrow to see if we have book 1 in the store!

    Thanks for the review :)

    1. i hope you will enjoy it ^^, is your puppy better?

  2. Oh good to hear you stuck it out and enjoyed it. Sometimes those beginnings are hard, but worth it. :) Thank you!