mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Challenge 2013 part 5: YA/MG fantasy Challenge

Hello to all,

While participating in the Bout of Books read-a -thon, i've come across new bloggers, as well as one i follow already, one of them is Erica from The Book Cellar.

While checking her blog, i've discovered she was hosting a reading challenge too.... for this one the goal is to read YA/MG fantasy books. The kind of fantasy doesn't matter and the number of books needed is 10.

To be honest, i'm not sure i have that many books of this genre on my shelves but it's possible so i've decided to enter this challenge too ( that's start to make a lot i know), i hope it can cross with other challenges too.

This is the info Erica has posted on her blog and you can sign up HERE :

This will be the central hub of information for the 2013 YA/MG Fantasy Challenge. In case you haven’t heard about the challenge, the goal is to read and review 10 YA/MG fantasy books throughout the year. Some changes from last year:
  • Books can be any YA or MG fantasy, they do not need to be specific to 2013. I will still be doing roundups  of releases each month just to keep news up on new releases.
  • Giveaways are no longer just for reviews – they will be for all challenge participants. Reviews will be worth the most entries and each giveaway will be run bimonthly, so there will be 6 prize packs available throughout the year.
[...]The challenge runs January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Sign-ups will end Oct 15, 2013. As always, all types of fantasy are included in the challenge, not limited to urban, high, epic, general fantasy, etc.
I don't have a specific list of books in mind yet but i got one already and if i can add the other Elemetal books published it would be great ( i just need to get Spark quickly^^), i also got or will get some of the lux series and the covenant series by jennifer L armentrout and i will perhaps discover Cassandra Clare too. I will see. You will be able to keep track of my progress on the Challenges 2013 page
So are you interested in this challenge too? Do you read that kind of books? Some recommendation perhaps?

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  1. I love the Covenant series. JLA is awesome!

    I haven't read The Mortal Instruments series yet.

    I'm sure I can think of some more books for you to try if you need more suggestions.

    Good luck with your challenge! :D