dimanche 9 septembre 2012

International giveaways in the blogosphere (2)

Hello to all,

                          in the zombie state i'm i don't think giving you a review today is not a good idea - too many risks for spelling error, bad typing etc etc. I really need several days with a good night sleep uninterrupted^^;;.
Now i didn't want you to be left without nothing so here are some great giveaways with at least a part being open  internationaly if not all . After all we never know when we will receive a good news.

So first: Kris from Imaginary Reads is doing a Follower Appreciation Giveaway where an international follower can win a book of choice up to 15dollars, there are also prize for US follower.
You can enter until the 29th September!
Abby from Bookshelf Confessions is celebrating her birthday and the fact she reached 500 followers with several great prizes, you can win 2 pre oredr of choices from her list, two books from the list of those she really want and lastly book from the list of those she loved ( and swag). Great no? You just have to be one of her follower and it's a really good blog so don't hesitate to discover her if you haven't already.
Enter the birthday giveaway here before the 7th September
 Dani From Pen to Paper has still her One Year Blogoversary open with several giveaways i already told you about one, now there are a second i really want to win:The signed books of Gail Carriger, the Parasol series was often recommended to me so it would be my opportunity to discover it if i get this one^^. You can win book 1 or 5.
Don't forget the other giveaways too, enter befor end of September
Last but far from the least:
Enna Isilee from Squeasy Books  is doing a great Books Birthday Bash actually it's already the middle of it with already 11 giveaways but not all of them are open internationally so be careful. You have until the 21 September to enter.
Don't miss out on the party of the year! That's right, it's time for Enna Isilee's Birthday Bash! In fact, it's not just time, it's HALF OVER! If you want to see the full awesome that is the Birthday Bash then you can click here. Enna's put together a whole schedule and information there. But take a look at what she's giving away so far, and this is only half! The next two weeks will also have a giveaway EVERY DAY!

Click on the the book you want to win to be taken to an interview with the author where you can enter to win the book pictured! Come party with me, it's a blast!

 Good luck to you! Have a nice Sunday!

3 commentaires:

  1. merci beaucoup de m'avoir souhaité mon anniversaire c'est vraiment très gentil :)

  2. Missy, you need your sleep! Thanks for posting the awesome giveaways though!

    1. hi dear^^, for once it wasn't my fault. my brother is a diabetic type 1 and this week he had 3 crisis so first i help with him and then i have to take care of me because when he is doing a crisis i'm allergic to him so once he is better i rush under the shower or bath and i take medication to avoid throwing up ( this week i was too late, the crisis was really strong so i had to stay longer and bam my body gave up) when all of that is doing i 've lost between 2 and4h of sleep

      i'm going now and hope he will be fine ( his birthday is tomorrow)