mardi 4 septembre 2012

International giveaways in the blogoshpere


          September and the school/university is starting again but there are still reasons to smile so today i will share with you two international giveaways befoe going back to my books.

First Pen to Paper is celabrating his first blogoversary with international giveaways  for...Signed books! That's great no?
For example his second giveaway, one that i would like to win, i admit the others too^^) is for a signed arc of A Witch In love however even if this giveaway doesn't catch your attention go check the others.( if i have the time i will try to make a post for informing you of the others) Enter before the end of September

Next one is from Sparkles and Lightning, the kind Annabelle is doing a special giveaway for her followers where you can win a book of choice, you have until the 20th September to enter so if you don't know her blog already go have a look, you won't be disappointed.
Quite the good new don't you think?
Anyway that's all for now, soon you will get my first review of Historical romance, the topic of this month.
See you soon.

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