lundi 3 avril 2017

Southern Fried ( Kenni Lowry 2) by Tonya Kappes

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             My computer had some troubles this weekend to connect me online so while it works i will do as much as i can in case it got wonky again.
Tomorrow release the second good in the Kenni Lowry series : Southern Fried. I was lucky enough to get an early copy to give you my opinion on it and really it just keeps getting better so i had to share this when i could.

Happy reading!!!
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication: 2017
ISBN:  1635111870
Genre: cozy mystery, paranormal
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: Earc for review

Description from goodreads :

 In the South, it’s better when the food is fried and the secrets kept buried…

After the dead body of a beloved Cottonwood resident is found tangled up in an electric fence, Sheriff Kenni Lowry has a hunch that somethin’ ain’t right. Her investigation heats up with a fierce cook-off competition, a euchre game where the intel is sweeter than the brownies, and a decades old family recipe that may just be the proof in the pudding.

The icing on the cake: Kenni is fighting an attraction to her recently sworn-in deputy sheriff, and election season is hot on her tail. When the killer comes after who she holds most dear, even her poppa’s ghostly guidance might not be enough to keep her and her own out of the frying pan.

My opinion:
          Wonderful! This story has everything you need a great investigation with a lot of twists, a blossoming romance, lot of humour, the right dose of tension and just that special touch of the South.

Really i loved book 1 but this one is definitively my favourite so far, i had me hooked so i read this in one sitting and while they are more crimes this time it's the characters who got to me.  Duke ...the so cute dog able to see ghost is learning new trick and simply there is no way not to like him. Kenni's jealousy is touching, i loved to see her get more into her sheriff boots, to fight for her place because now she has even more to loose than simply a job.
Finn is still such a gentleman; he is getting more protective of his partner and that was simply wonderful to see.

Finally they is the whole city some characters easy to hate; some we want to be friend with, other we would prefer never meet... they are the soul of Cottonwood and makes this series even easier to love because it's seems so real, so near us that we do want to visit it ( without the murders).

The rhythm is just perfect not a time down, once started you just want to solve all the mysteries or make sure everyone is alright.

if you love cozy mystery this is a must read for sure

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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  1. j'avais bien aimé sa série sur les fantomes et du coup il faudrait que je tente de ses autres livres aussi !