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Kill Without Mercy ( ARES Security 1) by Alexandra Ivy

Hello to all!!!!

           Time is definitively flying with my birthday at the corner but at the same time i find myself strangely zen ( or resigned) with all  the administrative trouble i'm under  i have no energy left for unnecessary stress. Fortunately, despite juggling with the appointments and numerous calls to make i found the time to read and really good friends to provide me with said books (thanks!!!)

So i have been reading my chritsmas/ new year book and  this time i picked one from an author i already know but in another genre ( paranormal) this time it was mostly a military suspense romance ( with bit of supernatural) and i was longing for some suspense romance without knowing it so i couldn't resist trying this new series. Next one will be another genre again as i'm varying this month

Happy reading
Publisher: Zebra
Publication: 2015
ISBN:  1420137557
Genre: romantic suspense,military
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: gift ( thanks Carien!!!!)

Description from goodreads :

 From the hellhole of a Taliban prison to sweet freedom, five brave military heroes have made it home—and they’re ready to take on the civilian missions no one else can. Individually they’re intimidating. Together they’re invincible. They’re the men of ARES Security.

Rafe Vargas is only in Newton, Iowa, to clear out his late grandfather’s small house. As the covert ops specialist for ARES Security, he's eager to get back to his new life in Texas. But when he crosses paths with Annie White, a haunted beauty with skeletons in her closet, he can't just walk away—not when she’s clearly in danger…

There’s a mysterious serial killer on the loose with a link to Annie’s dark past. And the closer he gets, the deeper Rafe’s instinct to protect kicks in. But even with his considerable skill, Annie’s courage, and his ARES buddies behind him, the slaying won’t stop. Now it’s only a matter of time before Annie’s next—unless they can unravel a history of deadly lies that won’t be buried.

My opinion:
          I do love military romance suspense and in this one the suspense is well done. To start, i loved that we got a little description of all the men in the team right in the prologue...of course we only get the minimum at that point but it was great as we could immediately feel a connection to them and jump into the story without wondering who was who.

All the member of ARES suffered a lot and that created such a strong tie between them that they would do everything for each other. Because no one understand them as well as they do they decided to use their speciality to built together a security firm ARES.

Rafe is the head of the team, the one that keep them together and ARES was his idea....however before they can start he is called to clean his grandfather house which has been sold and that leads him to Iowa. There he meets a woman and his instincts kick in. he always followed his gut so when he discover that Annie has vision he isn't surprised and doesn't take that for lies. He believes her and try to see how it could help.

Annie 's past is dark...daughter of a serial killer ( or supposed one as he wasn't judged but killed when arrested) she got into the system as a child and she had to hide her gift because no one wants a little girl seeing murder in her head. Years later when the vision start again  she has to make sure it's nightmare not vision and if it's vision she wants to save those girl....but coming back in the city where all happened isn't as easy as she thoughts and with new murders she is even suspected....When a good looking and protective man as Rafe interfere she isn't sure she can trust him or herself around him at first. However as the danger grow they will have to trust each other.

I loved how  they took their time, oki in a sense they do get together too rapidly but  they strengthen it  progressively. They are attracted to each other but love comes later.
The investigation was well done with some good twists.

i really liked this story and i'm curious to read the rest of the series because if this book focused on Rafe and a serial killer, another member of the team is receiving strange messages and it's something i want to learn more about.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

Are you enjoying one genre more than another this month?

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