mardi 22 mars 2016

there is still hope for this world

Hello to all,

                       I've decided to write this short post to let  everyone who could be worried about me and my family know that we are safe. As you know some bad people decided to make attacks in Bruxelles today and as a result many are dead or hurt and my thoughts and prayers are with them (the wounded) and their family.

 I can't say if it will be finished soon or if the world will keep becoming darker and darker but it reminds me to be even more grateful for each gentle gesture or kind word it can seem nothing, even more now, but each smile is like a little light that can make someone day better so if you think you can't do anything to help... just remember that, small gesture can have a deeper impact than big show of violence and are the first step to make the world better.

all of you... take care


3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for that! I was indeed planning to email you to make sure you were okay. Glad to hear it immediately!

    1. thank you a lot for your concern. I wanted to avoid people getting worried and so i posted this before sending individual message to win time but i sent you one
      really thank you for caring