dimanche 3 novembre 2013

Giveaways to share: Enter when you can!


           Sunday is a day when i try to relax and read a little more but also the day when i check the giveaways i can enter since i have more time. In that perspective i decided to share some with you, because international ones are too few and need to be know.... today i will focus on Brenda's ones because she kindly extended her halloween ones to offer the opportunity to enter to more of us and it's not all she is offering us so let's see how generous she is and then you MUST give a blog a try and enter to show her she isn't doing that for nothing! ( i mean she is doing international giveaways, we can be grateful for that even if you live in the US so showing her some love but entering cost you nothing and you could win Big)

So Brenda's blog is called Crazy four Books and she is one of the kinder blogger i have met? Commenting will makes her happy and give her the motivation to continue. Her review are honest, heartful and detailed and we share a lot of similar tastes so if you like books i introduced you too her blog will be a paradise for you.

First the easier one and the one you have longer to enter but no need to wait^^: her  Comment Incentive Giveaway

You only have to comment ONCE to enter, easier is not possible...the prize? Any book featured during the month you are entering ( in a review, spotlight, mailbox post etc) so you can pick print or ebook  whatever you prefer. Yes if you enter right now  the prizes'list is still a mystery you don't know what you could pick but believe me she has a little of everything each month: comptemorary romance, erotica, paranormal so you should be able to find one that catch you interest.  The only thing you have to do is comment on at least one post during the month and enter it in the rafflecopter ( comment needs to be marked in the rafflecopter to count) it takes only a few seconds so please show her she isn't doing that for nothing! The more days you comment on the more entries you get.
This month form is Here and the rules are here

Int and open until the last day of the month.

Now like i told you before she had a special Halloween event the Ghoulishly Good Monsters Mash Mix Up 

Each day of this event she featured one kind of supernatural creatures with suggested books, freebies ones and daily contest. It was fun  really and if enough people enter we will get another edition next year!
The event had one general prize: a book choice For 2 winners INT
You only have a few hours to enter this ones and there are questiosn to enter but it's really fun so please give it a try to show her how much we appreciate her efforts.

Enter here before midnight

Now for the indidual giveaways, the ending has been extended too so have a look ( after entering the main one ;) ) here is a little list with the ending date of course when the prize it's an book( no specified) or ebook of choice it must include the creature of the day ^^ but believe me the choice is vast

 day 2: Werewolves Win a werewolf ebook! 3winners enter before 5th november( midnight)
Day 3: Vampires  Win vampires Diaries ( 4books) US/ CAn  End 5th november 
or 1 book< 10 dollars (int) End 4th( midnight)
Day4: Elfs, goblins,gnomes, gargoyles : Win a pre order of Heart of Stone ( or gift card) End 5th November
Day5: Special abilities : win a gift card or an ebook End 4th November
Day 6: Gods, Goddesses: win a book from the list  End 4th November
Day 7: devils, angels : win a amazon gift card or an ebook 2 Winners, end 5th November
Day 8: wizards, Warlocks and magical beings : win a book or ebook End 5th November
Day 9: Aquatic beings : win an ebook End 6th November
Day10: Zombies, Ghosts and reapers : win a gift card or an ebook End 6th November
Day 11 Part 1: Fairies : win a gift card or an ebook End 7th November
Day 11 Part 2: Witch : win a gift card or an ebook End 7th November
Day 12 Dragons: win "How to date a Dragon or an ebook of the Dragonfury series End 7th November
Day 13 Shifters ( no werewolves): Win a preorder of Avenger's heat or another ebook End 8th November

See, there must be something for you in this long list ;) so hurry and enter while you can, spread the word and perhaps add in your comment how you disvcovered here (from me or somewhere else if i'm just reminding you) so we know what will be the best way to promote it next year ( if she is motivated enough to do it again and that depends on you and only you so go to see those, enter and show her how grateful we are!)

Good Luck!

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  1. Wow! That is a big list of giveaways on that blog!

  2. I need to key some of the giveaways on my calendar to remind me otherwise I'll totally miss it. Thanks for sharing and I hope your Sunday was very relaxing.

    1. i guess we are all reduced to that especially for those with daily entries
      sunday was ok^^ i managed to work on my christmas gift so i'm happy ( even if i'm far from finished)