mardi 17 septembre 2019

Risk Everything ( A Bree & Tanner Thriller 4) by Janie Crouch

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Today is the release for the last of Bree and Tanner thriller " Risk Everything" and i couldn't have hoped for a better one even if as often we are sad to finish the last book of a series.

Remember those can work as stand alone too ( but so much better read in order)

Happy Reading!
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Publication: 2019
ISBN:  1335604650
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+

 Description from goodreads :

 The wedding is two weeks away

If they survive until then...

Following a fire at the New Journeys women's shelter, Deputy Tanner Dempsey is on high alert, and his fiancée, Bree Daniels, fears that one of the shelter's clients is being targeted. Outmanned and outgunned, Tanner and Bree must make a last stand for justice and unravel the twisted plot of a dangerous sociopath. Will it be "'til death do us part" before they can say "I do"?

My opinion:
          Perfect!!  I can't believe it's the last of the series as i really want more of Bree and Tanner as well as Noah. This was just the right balance of action, lot of suspense, romance with wonderful touches of humour. Also some scenes with the women of the city are simply  too wonderful to describe, i nearly cried with emotions.

Bree is preparing her wedding as well as working at the women refuge and she made great progress since her arrival in Tanner's life and the road has been quite tumultuous. I really loved to see her grow in her social skills and becoming a real partner with Tanner. Also all the characters seemed more than realistic, the way the women at the shelter react and such which immersed us even more in the story.

Tanner is really a god man and his brother who has a bigger role this time than in precedent books isn't less wonderful, protective and loyal. I loved the way he reacted to Marilynn and her children. Tanner is determined to protect Bree and those she care for which means the women at the shelter but he wasn't expecting things to get worse so much and so quickly with Marilynn ex husband ...time to get proofs is diminishing as the wedding approach but no matter what it's against them Bree and Tanner are the greatest team ever!

This was fabulous from the start to the end, read in one sitting  and i just hope to get more of the whole group. To recommend ( can be read as stand alone but i do advice you to read the whole series in order).

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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