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Diggin 'up the Dirt ( Kenni Lowry 7) by Tonya Kappes

Hello to all,

                     the changing time hit me full force and i feel like i have been hit by a truck ( but really how can we have 26°c and two days after 10cm of snow!in May!) however even a fever couldn't prevent me to read the new Kenni Lowry from Tonya Kappes ( even if i somewhat missed book 6, situation which i plan to rectify soon).

so without more delay...Happy Reading!
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication: 2019
Genre: cozy Mystery, southern
Violence: mild
Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 18+
Source: earc

Description from goodreads :

 Sweet as honey, soured by murder!

Everyone in Cottonwood loves the new bakery, Sweet Shop. Until a Cottonwood resident is found dead with a half-eaten donut in her hand.

Sheriff Kenni Lowry has her hands full. With a new murder in town and a new deputy to train, she’s not sure if she’s ever gonna get this booger solved.

Sheriff Elmer Sims comes to the rescue, stepping up as Kenni’s ghost deputy. As the ex-dead-now-ghost deputy and Kenni’s Poppa, there’s clues beyond the sprinkles in the donut that only he can see.

Add to Kenni’s stress, Finn Vincent’s, Kenni’s hunky boyfriend and new sheriff of Clay’s Ferry, parents have come to town to meet Kenni and her parents. And Kenni’s mama ain’t too happy. As they say in the South, nobody’s happy if mama ain’t happy.

With Poppa’s keen insight and Kenni’s determination, Kenni focuses all her attention on bringing the killer to justice before the yeast rises and another dead body turns up.

Save room for dessert. You don’t want to miss this Southern mystery!

My opinion:
          I really loved this instalment but it's not my favourite either. The intrigue is perfect with false turns, deeper secret, and really a investigation great built. The characters are great as well , the clash between both families was funny , Kenni's mother is still all for appearances as well and i love the southern ambiance. Cottonwood drama is really fun to discover
However, i liked less all Kenni's doubts about Finn.....i do understand her mostly but at this point with the time they were together i think she should trust him more and not jump onto conclusion no matter what Poppa said. She disappointed me .

The story a was excellent blend between mystery, humour and the touch of romance, the author mislead the reader in the investigation which is really pleasant .

A great cozy mystery to be enjoyed without moderation. Better read in order of the series but works well as standalone too

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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