mardi 26 mars 2019

The Night House by J. C. McKenzie

Hello to all,

                        We have a very little sunny time while i'm typing which kind of contradict with the book atmosphere i'm introducing you to today but it's a book i'm more than honoured to had the opportunity to read as it's a formidable story.

And before giving you my opinion i want to precise it's a stand alone just released so  if you just have to choose one book this month this is the one.

Happy reading
Publisher: JCM Publications
Publication: 2019
ISBN:  9781775225164
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, romance
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: allusion
Public: 16+

 Short description from goodreads :

 What would you pay for your freedom?

Caught by a powerful lord from the alternate realm of Arkavia, Taya’s offered the chance to avenge the dead, save her home world, and win her freedom.

Her days of stealing supplies and surviving among the remnants of Earth are over, but can she afford the price of Lord Thane’s deal?

My opinion:
          Fabulous!!! This one is on my favourite shelf for sure! It can be dark , there are moment wonderfully written but sad  and some right at the beginning  but the story is simply great! Taya is caught in a situation not even nightmares could have prepared her for but fortunately for her, her family wasn't like every other so she isn't completely helpless.
Still we see a young girl loosing everything but with a mind strong enough to keep fighting for her life and freedom. I really loved this heroine.

The invaders are not so easy to understand, there are divisions in their world too and some are not as bad as others. Thane is a noble but second son but since the beginning he show some honour...then he act with Taya giving her choice because he does detect something in her but it goes deeper than that. He really understands her and he is a good soul despite the family he has.
That reflect also in his choice of companionship: Axel, Lokni and few others are more like brotherhood than servants and they do include Taya in their rank without consideration of her being female, she is part of their group thus get the same protection as any other from said group.

There are intrigues as we discover the Arkavia world, romance, lot of action as we follow Taya  when she is trained then acting as bodyguard. there also have some funny moment.

Really the rhythm is perfect! a real page turner.  It's a standalone and we can appreciate that fully as  when we finish the book we do have all our answer, we can have a feeling of satisfaction and still we are open to imagine  a sequel we don't need it, it probably not be written but we can easily imagine it ourselves.

It's really a " coup de coeur", i recommend it without hesitation

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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