mercredi 18 janvier 2017

Bayou Wolf ( Bayou Magic 3) by Debbie Herbert

Hello to all!!

 A new year, a new start and to be honest also a lot of new you already know 2016 was desastrous for me so i hope 2017 will be better even if so far it just added more Hardships ( you didn't know it but you are reading a zombie ^^;;).
I decided not to worry and see as real year beginning Chineese new year that way  i can hope a little longer^^.

However, i did read and i should have posted this review a lot earlier ( but then zombie remember that mess with dates, calendars etc).....this is the third book in a series and as you know me i do prefer to read in order so of course i have read book 1 but you will get that review later only. So we start 2017 with Bayou Wolf from Debbie Herbert

Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne
Publication: 2017
ISBN:  9780373139798
Genre: paranormal romance, magic
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: ecopy

 Description from goodreads :

 The taming of the shrew…

Tallulah Silver is tough. She has to be—because she's the Choctaw tribe's only female shadow hunter, and because she doesn't know how else to survive the loss that almost destroyed her. Payton Rodgers has devoted his life to protecting his pack. But when mauled bodies start to pile up in the bayou, Payton begins to wonder if Tallulah might be right about werewolves deserving the blame. As darkness gathers around them, Tallulah will have to decide if she can risk opening herself up to love again. And Payton will have to determine where his true loyalties lie.

My opinion:
          After reading and loving book 1 i couldn't wait to have more of the series as it has romance, action and the bayou setting so when i discovered that this one has werewolves too couldn't resist any longer. i don't regret it even if Tallulah was my least favourite character...i mean she suffered a lot i get it but it made her so bitter and so cold that it was hard to warm to her even if she got better.
Now, discovering who her mate is we understand a bit more  i think^^.

Tallulah is still hurt from the past events but she doesn't stop trying to do her hunter job as best as she can if no better. During one of her nightly hunts ,she encounters a wolf with unnatural behaviour but manage to make it leave. Since wolves are not native from the area it makes her suspicious. However no matter the nightly events, during the day she is still  the stubborn woman she is and discovering that a crew is cutting wood on the tribe land puts her in combative mode so she doesn't hesitate to confront the workers among whom Payton  reacts to her.

Payton is loyal; perhaps even too much he had a difficult upbringing and because of that he feels in debt to his pack..his job doesn't make him happy but it's good for the pack so he does it. All is about the pack until he comes across Tallulah who fast become Lulu for him. He is intrigued, wants to discover more about her - is ordered to by his alpha ( and worse)- but there is more. He doesn't want to do it for his pack but wants to protect her even more after finding her hurt. So suddenly he is stuck between two universe not sure what his place should be. I loved how honest he was with her ( i did want to shake him a few time as well so it was good that " Lulu" didn't keep her tong in check.)

The story was well written even without reading book 2 nothing seeming off, we got the info needed so this works well as standalone ( even if i recommend to read the others). the investigation was well done with the touch of romance and action well balanced.

I was really happy with this book, read in one sitting. the pace was constant, i saw Annie like i wanted so i definitively recommend this if you want a romance with paranormal elements set in the bayou.

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  1. Well, a book you read in one sitting has to be entertaining!

    1. i love when it has some mythology in books and this isn't one well know ( also settings in the bayou ...couldn't resist)

  2. Welcome back Miki. I have two books from the Appalachain Magic series. Will need to expand to the Bayou Magic series soon. Thanks for the review.

    1. i haven't tried her Appalachain Magic series yet so i will wait for you to tell me what you think of it^^