lundi 22 septembre 2014

Somes international Giveaways

Hello to all!

                   Seems like i'm coming down with something and my reading is more slow ( which in return makes me a little grumpy) but i wanted to start the week with some good news so here are some international giveaways for you to enter.

 First  Vailia at Vailia's Page Turner has some great giveaways going so let see the list:

* For the blog hop "Stuck in a good book" Vailia is offering either your choice of a book under 15dollars OR 2 books she reviewed and to which she granted 4 dragons ( her equivalent for stars^^) and she does review a lot of book so the choice is large.

You can participate until the 25 September so only 3 days left ^^. Hurry and enter Here

*She didn't stop there though  you have another possibility to win a book under 15dollars in the Falling for Books hop.

To be precise you can win your choice of a fall release as long as it's under the limit ( and released in fall) for that you just have to enter before the 30 september Here

and last but not the least:

* you can win a September Release during the New Release giveaway hop, Vailia offer you a book published in September ( print, ebook your choice), there are some suggestion but you are free to pick any one you want as long as it follow the rules and is under the limut of 20dollars.

You can enter Here before the 30september.

Don't hesitate to check her blog she often has other great giveaways!

Not happy to offer you only those, i remind you that you can also enter on Brenda's Blog " Crazy Four Books"

By commenting at least once you get the opportunity to win any book she reviewed ( or will review) in september
Not a lot of work for some great choices

You can participate here before the end of the month.

On her blog you can also find other giveaways and they are open to international each time she can do it ( when it's part of a blog tour she isn't responsible for the rules)


Let's focus on a third Blog which is offering us a lot of opportunities to win: i'm speaking of Mythical Books and if you are used to participating in blog hop you must have seen it at least one.

At the moment there are several hops in which they take part so i will give you the links and not the pictures:

* First you have still a few hours left to enter her stop in the " Fairy Tale giveaway Hop" you can win any book with fairies under 18dollars so hurry and enter here

* In the " Stuck in a good book" giveaway hop, on their blog you have the opportunity to win any book they rated 4 or 5 stars if the price is under 19dollars, or you could even get one of your choice if you manage to justify your choice well^^ ( very kind of them!) Enter before the 25 September Here

*If you enter before the 30 th September you could win any Highlanders book, could be historical, paranormal, etc as long as it has highlander and the price stay under 20dollars you can have it if you are the winner of their stop in the "highlander giveaway hop". International  you can enter Here

* Once again the "September New Release giveaway hop", at Mythical books you can win your choice of a September 2014 Release under 21 dollars. You can participate Here

Don't hesitate to check it often as the giveaways are quite numerous.

 I'm sure they are others and i will try to add them to the specific giveaways page until then... GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Please keep your sickness in Belgium! My throat is a little scratchy this morning, so I hope that I'm not coming down with something too... International giveaways can be so hard to find, thanks for sharing these!

    1. some honey should help you if it's only teh beginning^^
      it's a pleasure to share when i can