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Reborn (Six Saviors 3) by Carly Fall

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 i know i 've already posted about this series this month and yes it has nothing to do with the topic of dragons but i enjoyed the first 2 books so much i couldn't wait to read book 3 of the Six Saviors Series....and of course i wanted to share it with you so here it is^^

Staring tomorrow i will try to get back on the topic but strange as it is i was really  anticipating this month and at the end i don't feel like reading the books i prepared^^

Happy Reading
Publisher: Westward Publishing
Publication: 2012
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: Strong

Language: normal
sex: Strong
Public: 18+
Source: ecopy in exchange for an honest review

Description from goodreads :

 Warrior Hudson from the Six Saviors seems to have it all – good looks, fine clothing, expensive jewelry and women just waiting for their turn to sleep with him. But, what he safely keeps hidden from the world is the terrible pain he’s suffered for many years. As he fights his internal demons, he joins his fellow Warriors in waging war on the evil from their planet that has been let loose on Earth.

Beverly Devlone was a highly respected doctor, until tragedy hit her and a drug addiction destroyed her career and reputation. As a lonely woman fresh out of rehab, she’s now uncertain of her place in the world, what her purpose is, and where she belongs.

When an explosive event brings Hudson and Beverly together, the instant attraction between them cannot be ignored. As the two grow closer and share secrets, they help each other heal from the shackles of their pasts.

But true happiness eludes them when they are forced to go their separate ways, until Beverly returns with an admission that will rock the very fabric of Hudson’s world.

My opinion:
          A really good book but so far my least favourite in the series. This book is to me the more violent one or to be more precise, in precedent books we got some gruesome report on colonist’s crimes but we didn’t really assisted in one like we do in Reborn. Oh don’t worry it’s well written, well thought but I couldn’t connect with the characters as much as I hoped I would and I did found this one a little too predictable for me.

Hudson seemed to be a pillar of the saviours team while he is in fact one that suffer the most, not only from his past on SR44, but also from event taking place on Earth. He never got over Abby’s Mother, Iris, rejection and that’s mining him. Male from their planet have a really strong link to their mate and if the mate goes missing they can become crazy and suffer physically….i can understand that of course but then I had some little difficulty as why the other didn’t understand his situation and was left to himself. There is different kinds of love true but with what happen it makes me think he fantasized himself in love with Iris when he was only fond of her and it’s kind of strange after all his time on earth he didn’t see that. I guess it’s also a little for that I had difficulties to accept how he acted with Beverly.

Beverly is a kind soul she just doesn’t have enough inner strength, more than she thinks but a lot less than Faith for example. As a doctor she wants to help, to save live and thus when she failed to save the one important to her and then had an accident it crushed her. However, it’s also what made her meet the saviours….like it was her destiny. In her medical mode she is really proficient and determined, she immediately see that Hudson is hiding more than he let on and that he can’t be trusted alone…sometimes it takes a broken soul to recognize another , anyway it’s her personal experience that gives her what she need to reach to Hudson and find the right words. They are saving each other but at first she still doesn’t fight for herself, to make him accept her no and that frustrated me.

The action is strong is this one and I guessed the identity of the colonist after the first pages, it was well done but it was still evident for me. Then after the event in “ Finding My faith” it was impossible not to expect trouble… there are here just even stronger I mean…he even tell Hudson more is to come and as reader you know what he has done but the saviours done and I really hope they are ready…. I guess if I liked this one less it’s also linked to how I consider SR44….i mean they throw their citizens on a mission but without any contact allowed and no back up and now we see with no information either… this could have been prevented if the chiefs had given them a list with the culprits’ name… but no they just have to find the twelve who escaped… no more explanation just a set of rules really strong, cruel even. In this book I resented this even more because of Hudson…. In a sense they are the sacrificial lambs.

The romance is cute but it missed the deepness from the other books…they need to work on their connection in a sense after attraction , learning about each other past they must create something more. I could love this couple but so far it’s just appreciation.

Now on a technical level, this is the 3rd book in the series and if it could works as stand alone.. I wouldn’t recommend it to be read out of order. Yes the author give a little background from the universes so you are not lost but this book more than the precedent one is set in a line of events better to be followed so I really recommend you to start with book 1 first and then follow the rest in order to understand the saviours and get the story in a whole because the stakes are growing after each book and the suspense is mounting ( but no real cliffhanger no).

A good book for lover of paranormal romance with aliens.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review .All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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and book 1 is still free here for those who are just discovering this series. Enjoy! 

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  1. Ah dommage qu'il soit un peu moins bon que les autres. Mais en tout cas la série en elle même a l'air assez sympa

    1. c'est pa svraiment qu'il soit moins bon en fait mais j'ai moins accrocher, certain préfère peut-être ce ^personnage mais pour moi c'était un peu bâclé dans un sens mais je vais continuer de donner une chance à la série car j'avais vraiment adoré le tome 1 et 2