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Moonshifted (Edie Spence 2) by Cassie Alexander

Happy Sunday to all,

           this week has been really busy for me and sadly it meant also less reading reading time but i did enjoy what i read so i'm happy. I'm planning to try to put some order in my books today to prepare my piles for the next months challenges but it will be done step by step i think^^.

 So today i'm sharing with you my opinion on the second book in the Edie Spence series by Cassie Alexander, it's not my favourite series but one i come to enjoy more and more after each book.

Happy Reading!
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publication: 2012
ISBN:  0312553404
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+
Source: bought

Short description from goodreads :

 After surviving a brutal vampire attack, Nurse Edie Spence is ready to get back to work—attending to supernatural creatures in need of medical help. But her nursing skills are put to the test when she witnesses a hit-and-run on her lunch break. The injured pedestrian is not only a werewolf, he’s the pack leader. And now Edie’s stuck in the middle of an all-out were-war…

With two rival packs fighting tooth and nail, Edie has no intention of crossing enemy lines. But when she meets her patient’s nephew—a tattooed werewolf named Lucas with a predatory gleam in his eye that’s hard to resist—Edie can’t help but choose sides. The question is: can she trust this dangerous new ally? And can she trust her own instincts when she’s near him? Either way, Edie can’t seem to pull away—even if getting involved makes her easy prey…

My opinion:
          To start with the positive, i greatly enjoyed the plot in this book, the fact the werewolves were predominant could help ^^ but i enjoyed it and getting Bear-weres was more than interesting. Thanks to Gina and Lucas we learn more about how weres are mad, how it can be transmitted in this universe. So after focusing on vampires in book1 now it’s on were, going progressively is a good idea in my opinion since there is a lot to learn and like Edie we get it slowly.

I also really enjoyed finding Asher back, still the same. He is really a good back up for Edie and I would love if she was more grateful to him. She is interested partly but she fears him and not being sure which appearance is real is disturbing for her… I can get that but only to a point. I mean he is oki when she needs help but she has difficulties to consider him as a friend…and when she does she still has reservations, not fair.
Anna was also a character I was pleased to see even more that she is perfectly coherent with how she was described in Nightshifted. In book 1 I has a small preference for grand father , and he didn’t disappoint me in this one except for a detail… i admit the mixing with Gideon  was surprising and it’s still surprising but i thought he was there for Edie, now he is with Anna since Gideon is part of her house…. Edie get left behind so i wonder where his loyalty lies and I’m a little afraid.

The rhythm is not too fast even if we do get lot information at the same time, the action is fast paced and Edie takes time to start thinking about consequences and everything that’s happening around her… but she is still strong willed and quite selfless, trying to help everyone. Oh and we get to see the superior of the shadows and i loved that part…

So after so many positive elements why not an higher score? I’m fed up with Edie’s love life if we can call it that. I mean in book one she has a one night stand with a shapeshifter the she is in a relationship with a zombie… so far i can accept but then because the said zombie left she jump on a were and nearly try to start again with Asher….and when she does she is crying after. Oki she is a grown adult woman, yes she can have needs but a new supernatural creature each time? Worse: one that could start a change and she won’t be human… yes she doesn’t know all the specifics since she was interrupted in her chat with Gina but still she is a nurse so she should know better and sleeping around isn’t something  i agree with so her behaviour on that part didn’t sit well with me at  all.

So if you want a good urban fantasy, different creatures, some steamy scenes a great plot and don’t mind an heroine like Edie, this book is a more than enjoyable reads.

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review


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  1. oh j'aime beaucoup cette série. Je me demande ce que tu penseras du 3eme tome.

    1. oh je dois m'inquiéter? parceque je suis assez impatiente en fait^^

  2. I have these but havent read them yet. At least they are enjoyable.

    1. globaly more than enjoyable it's just that i wanted to strangle the female character^^