lundi 1 juillet 2013

June Wrap-up :


It has been a long time since i decided to do  monthly a wrap up but since I haven’t been really active  on the blog in June I decided the little extra was needed  after all I had something to put in this wrap up and also I had some thanks to share.

 Anway June got a lot of downsides but i also received good news, surprises so in a whole it has been a good month.

Books received:

    For review:


*Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse 1) by Charlaine Harris From Sullivan McPig on PearlsCast Before a MCPIG. Now I will finally be able to discover this series I’ve heard so many things about but that I was too afraid to start. Thank you!

* My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by  won from Ruth   in the Love in Bloom blog hop on  My Devotional Thoughts . I’m really happy the trouble with your blog have been resolved, thank you once again

*Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton on RR@H Novels Thoughts & Books Talks. One addition to my collection now I’m only missing two of the released play by play books, You should get a review soon since it will works for the sport romance challenge.

*Poison Study by Maria V Snyder from Cherry from Cherry Mischievous on the Help Good Books Find Homes, the choice was hard but I had this one on my wishlist for long I couldn’t resist, now just to get the rest of the trilogy. Thank you once again, I will treasure it don’t worry.

 Skin Deep by TG Ayer: I really wanted it after Brenda told me about it  so i managed to order it online ( it's not available in my country)but.. taxes decided to add up so finally it wasn’t such an happy news to receive it and I will wait to read it until the resentment wear off ( paid 3times the price … 3times just because they can’t make the money conversion and count the shipping fee too!!!)

Oki  now this is the wonderful surprise of the month , I’m guessing it’s a gift since I wasn’t contacted about it but it also mean I don’t know who to thanks.  So whoever send me Embers from Laura Bickle, THANK YOU!!! It was often recommended to me so I’m glad for the opportunity to read it, thank you so much! It really made me happy to receive it, don’t doubt it.

I forgot something or someone , sorry!

 Reviews done and posted on the blog

In English:
 That was really the majority this month^^;; and I’m a little ashamed to have done so little but life is life and at least now I can do better.

En français:

 Parce que je ne peux et ne veux pas oublier mes lecteurs francophones

 Half year is done so where i'm in my goals for the divers challenge i've entered so far:

 For the sport Romance challenge i've entered 7 books so since i got several other books that qualify for this one i'm moving to level 2

For the TBR reading Pile 2013 challenge i've entered 34 books already so i guess i will aim for level 4: 40books

I've read 7/10books so i will try to finish this one even if it had been suspended ( perhaps cancelled)

i aimed for 3 books and entered 5 so success

In this challenge we must read a book with a specific kind of creatures which change each month and until now it's a success, topic for June was zombie and i got 2 books read with them. I will need to keep up for the rest of the year

None received ( or Embers but then please tell me!)
Send: two but you will see that on the specific wrap up

See it has been a good month despites my medical troubles and i could do a book haul too so i'm happy. How was June for you?

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  1. Wow, congrats on so many prize wins, Miki and on your gift. It always feels really nice when that kind of thing happens! :)

    1. some were won long ago and i admit it helped to keep me happy after several of my books were stolen by the postal service

      the surprise was complete for sure ^^ so i('m really grateful and if it's not stolen i will get the book you recommened to me soon ( discount armagedon)