mardi 21 janvier 2020

Heart of the Thief ( The Wardbreaker 1) by Katerina Martinez

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                       Today, i'm sharing with you my opinion on a recent urban fantasy series quite promising!

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Publisher: Supernal Publishing
Publication: 2019
Genre: Urban fantasy
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: earc

Description from goodreads :

 When you have an exceptional talent, you're gonna attract the wrong people.

First of all, I don't consider myself a thief. I'm a finder. I find things people have lost, things people have had stolen from them. The only problem is, some people don't appreciate the distinction; especially once I've broken past their protective wards and... stolen from them.

Enter, Asmodius. I may have stolen from him recently, and he may have found out it was me. When his henchmen catch up to me and bring me before him, he gives me a choice. I can face the consequences of having stolen from one of the most powerful magical families in New York City, or I can work for him. It turns out I have a gift he's pretty keen on exploiting, and as long as I play ball, I get to keep my head.

But there's another problem with that: this guy is a legit crime boss, and what he wants me to do for him is suicide at best. The worst part? He puts his infuriatingly attractive son on babysitting duty to make sure I'm keeping up my end of the deal.

Despite the arrogant, controlling shadow hanging over me, I have to put together a team to help me pull off the most dangerous heist in history.

Either way, I'm probably dead, so I may as well have a little fun while I'm at it.

The Wardbreaker Series is a fast paced urban fantasy by an author constantly praised for bringing a touch of freshness to the genre. If you're looking for great action, fantastic characters, and a twisting story that's not without it's romance, scroll up and buy this book now!

My opinion:
          The cover caught my eyes, the story held all my attention. This story is very interesting and i loved to follow Izzy around.....she is snarky and speak without a filter too often but she is deeply loyal and protective of her friends. She has morals too.....she finds things she doesn't steal or at least that what she is telling and believing.

The story has some twists and  we discover quite a lot about the universe it set in but we are still left with a lot of question which makes it even more interesting. I loved to see how she selected those she wants to work with and her reasons behind it, it sure makes them important in my eyes and i would love to know more about RJ and Cassidy ( ok even Karim) they are powerful each of them but together they could be unstoppable if they trust each other that's it. The rhythm is rapid so it's become a page turner easily.

This is a really good urban fantasy i will love to continue the series if the quality stays the same.

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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