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Illumination ( Penton Legacy 5) by Susannah Sandlin

Hello to all!!!

              Today i'm so happy to share with you that....the wait is over!!!!!! Penton legacy series finally gets it's conclusion and believe me it's so worth it!!!!!!!. A detail though....the ebook release tomorrow on amazon so you can  still preorder or order it BUT the paperback is already available which is the reason i'm sharing my opinion today and not tomorrow ( couldn't wait any longer).
I love when authors keep their promise against every ordeal and that's what Susannah/ Suzanne did she promised us a conclusion for us the fans of Penton and she did! Not only she did it but she did it wonderfully ( full book of quality, ebook AND paperback for us  print lovers who love books matching in our shelves.)

Really even if it was only the reason just buy this book to support such a good author but then like i said and like you will see in my review this is really a book worth buying and if you are being in the series just get it ( and the precedents books are available cheaper this month as well so grab them before setting in a Penton reading marathon) so please makes this author happy it will means more good books for us later!!so preorder, order just BUY this book!

But i wouldn't ask you or recommend you to buy a book without giving you my opinion on it so here it is - you can check my opinion on the precedent books by checking these links in order Redemption, Absolution, Omega, Allegiance-

Happy reading!
Publisher: Suzanne Johnson
Publication: 2017
ASIN:  B073K2V7T2
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: mild/strong
Public: 18+
Source: earc

Description from goodreads :

 He came to Penton seeking peace. Nik Dimitrou joined the Army to escape his family legacy, only to have his psychic abilities exploited as a weapon. Now, as a civilian, he turns to the bottle to veil the images that haunt his mind whenever he touches anyone—except vampires. With them, he has finally found a place. But as Penton moves into open warfare with the Vampire Tribunal, Nik finds himself a linchpin in the deepening conflict, not to mention a transformation in his own body more frightening than anything he’s faced.

She wanted to change the world. Shay Underwood watched her Peace Corps parents move from one third world country to another—until both died following an outbreak of fever. Driven to her own career in tropical medicine, Shay works to cure the disease that killed her parents—until a careless weekend outing draws her into a world far more dangerous than the diseases she studies: a vampire society engaged in human trafficking.

Two cities, two strangers, one world. With Penton rebellion leader Aidan Murphy making risky choices and chief vampire lieutenant Mirren Kincaid forced to take a leadership role for which he is unsuited, it will fall to two outsiders, Nik and Shay, to find a way for Penton—and themselves—to survive in this much-anticipated conclusion to the award-winning Penton Legacy series

My opinion:
          Great!!!!! really the wait was worth it because this book answer all our takes place a few weeks after the events in book 4 "Allegiance" and we are immediately feeling for our dear vampires because they sure needs helps....Aidan is a shade of himself, Penton is tired but not giving up .... in fact no one is left unscathed in a way or another so we needed to know what would happen and we do follow all of them.

However to fully enjoy this, it's better to have read the precedents books, yes  the author does remind us of event, does a little recap but it's a series that keeps getting better as it gets deeper into the plot so i can't recommend you enough to start by book 1 and read them back to back..

Because of the situation our vampires are in this book is quite dark and it does have some very dark elements, the tension is high ( with what is at stake  it's a minimum) so i kept turning the page wanting to know more but thankfully, as the author is so talented to do, we have touch of humour very well placed to give us a little emotional reprieve between the twists and jump into the darkness. We see the evolution of all the characters we have come to love and some appears under a new light our dear Mirren the leader ( againsit his will mostly but then it's his nature); Will still the strategist and of course Nik....our dear Nik has to face a lot once again but his heart never waver. Shay is the new character of this book and she is wonderful, talented, determined and courageous....the romance is well written and make sense perfectly timed and slowly building so we have our sweet moments among a lot of angsty ones...we just can't stop reading until the last page!

Really it's the perfect conclusion for the Penton series and even better it offers us hope and possibilities for spin off in the future so would couldn't have wished for a better one. I recommend it without hesitation!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

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  1. Great review, great continuation of the Penton Legacy series. I think everyone should go get their copy now. Buy a few extra copies to give to friends. Thanks Miki.