mercredi 6 janvier 2016

2016 Reading Challenge part 3: The novelties

Hello to all!

 When i was looking for new Challenge to motivate me a little when i need it i came across one challenge that  i glimpsed last year but didn't dare to try: The prequel and sequel reading challenge.

 How often we have series in our TBR pile and somehow delay reading teh next one in favor of trying a new one? i admit it happen to me regulary so  i think this challenge is simply perfect for 2016.

I won't set myself a specific list of titles for this challenge since it's not required ( *ouf* ) but i will do my best to get up to date in the series i've started while still discovering new ones.

This challenge works following a score of points for example a prequel or sequel novella is worth one point, a full book is worth 2 points can see all the rules here

2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge
hosted by Jessi from  Novel Heartbeat and Melissa from Writer Grrl Reads

Since i'm not too sure of the number of sequels ( and prequel) i have in my TBR pile at this time and being cautious after the year 2015 i had i prefer to start at the first level especially since it's possible to move up of level if needed ( and the name of that level is perfect in my case too^^)

so at this time i'm aiming for level 1: 10-25 points Newbie

i will post my progress on the 2016 Challenges page.

 Have you already tried this challenge? interested to?

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