lundi 10 février 2014

International giveaways: romance books and vampire academy

Hello to all,

What a better way to start the week that to win some free books? It's with that idea in mind that i decided to share some international and really interesting giveaway or event that are taking place this week . Since the occasion for most of these giveaway is the St Valentine day approaching most of the prize are romance books but it's one genre we love so much that we are more than happy to savour this time of the year.

There is one little variant though, it's to show her love for her readers and followers but also because Vampire academy movie is realeased that Brenda has a special giveaway rtelated to this series....
Yes you can win any book in the Vampire Academ series ( perhaps the spin off too) to be prepared before going to see the movie or simply to discover what this all about or to complete it if you have started it ( like me^^;;)

So if you are interested hurry on Crazy Four Blog and enter this generous giveaways before St Valentine!
Enter Here 

While you are there don't forget to enter her incentive giveaway Here: February CIG for an opportuinity to win any book featured during the month ( so yes another chance for one VA book if you  wish so)

And because she is really generous that's not all! Brenda also joined the Heart of Fire Valentine Hop to ferrt you another great giveaway. If you want one steamy or less steamy book, check the list she did... the winner of her giveaway will have the choice of one book from teh list and there are some really interesting book on it.

Before St Valentine day enter: here in the second rafflecopter; the first one is for US only but jewellery and books so not something to decline.

 But Brenda isn't the only generous ones in the blogosphere so you can also check Mythical Books who joined two blog hop for St Valentine and you can win your books of your choice as long as it's a romance and under the limit authorized both open to international.

The St Valentine gift hop  you can enter here for a romance under 17dollars and if you are in the US your comment enter you for  kindle too

The heart of fire hop: for your choice of a romance book under 15dollars enter here, and as Us entrants it will give you another entry for a pendant and some books

Last but not the least: during all the weeks, 4 bloggers joined their efforts to host the Fire and Ice Blog Hop

one weeks of interviews, guest posts and yes GIVEAWAYS, not all of them international but some are so don,'t hesitate to check

Candace's Book Blog, you can win there a book of your choice under 12dollars: enter HERE
Rainy Day Ramblings for an opportunity to win " Better Spirits" by Jenn Bennnett: Here
The Nocturnal Library: for a book of your choice under 15dollars: Here
or she gives you also the opportunity to win a book that sound really interesting " Angelbound" by Christina Bauer and it's for a signed copy!! Don't Hesitate enter Here
My Guilty Obssession : you can win an ebook

Now like i told you until the 15th February, those 4 bloggers will keep adding some greats post as you can see on the event schedule... for example another book is to be won on the Nocturnal Library but since it's US only i prefered not to show it here. If i come accross more int one i will try to add the links but don't hesitate to be curious and to follows them to be kept updated on time and to thanks them

We all have a book that comfort us, a romance that made or makes us dreams....wants to share yours?

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