dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Thankful for ...L'appel de la Lune- Mercy Thompson1

In honor of thanksgiving  Beth Revis asked us to write about the book we are the most thanksful for and that's an entry for a wonderful giveaway: 19books, we could be thankful for that too.- for the contest here.

I most thankful for...L'appel de la Lune by Patricia Briggs ( original title Moon Called)

I found this book in a second hand shop when i was looking for anything to help me. My father was really ill at that time and it was a degenerative illness so day by day it went worst and   i couldn't remember my loving father. It was really hard andi was alone in front of that. I wanted to help my mother so she had to be able to rely on me because of that i couldn't speak to her or anybody else.

I was at a breaking point when i saw that book, alone on a shelf. I took it and for that i'm grateful. I discovered a strong heroine who did his best and who wasn't as alone as she thought. There was adventure, romance and humor as well as loyalty and honor. It helped me to escape my problem for a bit and made me feel stronger to face the situation.

Books always helped me but i had forgotten that at that time of need. The mercy thompson serie and after also the Kate Daniels one were ( and still are) a great help to maintain my mood. I need to become stronger but i still want to be me , i thankful for these books that help me doing that. so Thanks you

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to get my post up! It is ready now and they contest is international.

    Melissa Lemon

  2. i'm happy to have helped you ^^

  3. This is a great post. Books always help me at difficult times too!